Past Events

This page contains information about past events arranged by the Nottinghamshire and Derbyhire Labour History Society. The flyers reproduced below have been used to advertise our meetings.

Prof. John Belcham speaking at our May 2017 meeting at the Mechanics, Nottingham.


NDLHS poster Pentrich May 2017
NDLHS poster Pentrich May 2017



NDLHS A People's History in Song.amendeddoc-page-0



These photographs were taken at the Chartist Walk in Nottingham city centre, in which 67 people took part in the summer of 2014. Walkers have assembled in Barker Gate opposite the site of the Chartist Democratic Chapel, now occupied by the six-storey Gothic House.

Direction Democratic Chapel


N&DLHS The Co-operative Movement and Communities poster-page-0 (2)

NDLHS  Women Workers and the Trade Unions flyer-page-0NDLHS flyer Nov 2014-page-0 Scan_20150311 (3)NDLHS flyer April 2014-page-0NDLHS flyer Feb 2014-page-0NDLHS flyer Sept 2013-page-0NDLHS flyer Feb 2012-page-0(1)NDLHS flyer Nov 2012-page-0NDLHS flyer Sept 2012-page-0 NDLHS Co-ops 14 April 2012NDLHS Defence or DefianceNDLHS 1848 talk Chartism Pentrich pdf posterNDLHS flyer Sept 2010-page-0NDLHS Canary Girls flyer-page-0NDLHS Captain Swing flyer-page-0N&DLHS Volunteers for Liberty-page-0N&DLHS Notts Miners and 1926 Lockout-page-0NDLHS Flyer November 09-page-0

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